Brinker is a family name.

It is the name of our founder, Larry Brinker, Sr. It’s the name of his son and company chief executive officer, Larry Brinker, Jr. More than anything, it’s a name that joins us together as a family of five companies. We are L.S. Brinker, Brinker Team Construction, City Carpet and Flooring, Universal Glass and Metals, and Edgewood Electric. All share the Brinker values of strong communication, unconditional support and strength of community. Five individual companies that together are uniquely positioned to offer more. By specializing we have expertise. By collaborating we have strength, providing something that no other construction company can: A complete range of commercial construction services.

With over 30 years of transforming our company and our home City of Detroit, we continue to grow our capabilities and pave the way for smaller diverse companies to stand on their own. From developing the downtown and designing urban areas, to constructing new spaces and renovating historical buildings, we’re able to take on projects of all scopes and complexities and we’ve had great results.

We’re always on the lookout for innovative partners who aspire to create even greater things in their communities and beyond. Here we invite you to see what we’ve done and get a taste of what we can do. Our vision knows no bounds. Welcome to Brinker.

Leadership Team

Stronger together.

Brinker is more than a name, it’s a promise—a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. It’s a symbol of our shared culture, our collective strength, and steadfast reputation. It’s our integrity to do the right thing—no matter what. You’ll see it in our whole approach to building strong relationships, not just surface-level alliances. Where other businesses compete against each other, we collaborate with one another. That goes for our team too. We share knowledge and experience. We raise standards and benchmark best practices. In doing so, we build solid personal relationships with our customers, partners and each other. Because, we know that in being stronger together, we can build stronger together. Take a moment to meet our multidisciplinary team of leaders.