As we’ve often said, our employees are our family. Our partners and our clients are too, for that matter. With that said, on every site, in every office, and on the road, we make safety a priority at Brinker.

Our Safety Program is a corporate mindset that trains and encourages all workers to leave the site safely each day. Our Safety Director leads a team responsible for fostering a culture of looking out for each other. We implement standard safety protocol and larger corporate initiatives with every project, every day.

Safety as a priority is reflected in our .57 Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and our recent achievement in receiving the highly coveted, MIOSHA Gold Safety Award, which recognizes organizations with an outstanding safety record of two years or more without a lost time accident. Safety as a priority is recognized as a monetary benefit to you. The less the contractor spends on worker’s compensation, the less cost will be passed on to the client.

When operating as the General Contractor or Construction Manager, we establish a safety program specific to the requirements of each individual project and implement that program with all on-site personnel. We always incorporate the client’s own safety program and work rules into the site operations as required. When operating as a subcontractor, we ensure compliance with the safety program established by the owner and general contractor and at all times, implement safety measures above and beyond.

This is the Brinker way of doing business, safely.