The Brinker Group is comprised of five independently owned and operated firms:

L.S. Brinker Company
Founded in 1993, L.S. Brinker specializes in providing construction and management related services. Focusing on effective communication and efficient project management ensures your project is completed right the first time. L.S. Brinker maintains a strong commitment to quality, safety and best practices to exceed client expectations.

Brinker Team Construction
Committed to providing premier interior solutions to our clients, Brinker Team Construction was founded in 1989 and has the experience and resources needed to get your job done on-time with quality and competitive pricing.

Universal Glass & Metals
Universal Glass & Metals provides storefront, aluminum entrance and window systems installation solutions. Universal Glass & Metals was established in 1994 and is recognized for producing high performance systems and timely service.

City Carpet & Flooring
Founded in 1999, City Carpet & Flooring specializes in the installation, laminate and finishing of ground-level surfaces, and takes pride in providing award-winning flooring solutions to projects in a variety of markets.

Edgewood Electric
Comprised of experienced professionals that are capable of designing, installing and servicing electrical applications for all sectors of the construction industry, Edgewood Electric was founded in 2008.

Our Companies:

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